Saturday, February 25, 2006

Front porch takes me to the Auction!

Current Temperature: 20 F
Windchill: 5 F
Conditions: Windy and snowy

BDE (Binghamton Daily Epiphany): Front porches make the world a much better place, and we don't have them in Los Angeles.

I have lived in Binghamton for 2 weeks and I already know more about my neighbors than I did in 3 years at my last two residences. In talking with my next door neighbor, I realized that our street, Davis Street, has a very strong front porch culture, and that, when the weather warms up, everyone spends lots of time out there. To those ends, I attended another auction today ( and invested in a wrought iron table and chairs that will be great for summer dinners outside, as well as two oversized wicker rocking chairs, which will be great for reading and visiting. Our brick, covered, columned front porch is huge and beautiful, and I feel like I furnished an entire new outdoor room with all this great stuff!

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Kristin Hollman (B-A) said...

Anne, speaking of your home, when are you going to post a picture? Is your house made of brick?