Friday, May 12, 2006


I know that there is not a lot of news in this area, and that the local daily paper really has to do some digging for stories, but today's front-page article might take the prize. It's a story about a friggin' TREE that was recently planted in the newly built/landscaped round-a-bout. This was a front-page, huge color photo, above-the-fold story.

Almost as good, just above it was a headliner about how the mayor of a local city is "unofficially thinking about" running for the state Assembly seat. Since when is it news that someone is "unofficially thinking" about something? I bet he was not happy, either, because the writer apparently interviewed other local politicians who were surprised by the "news" since he was just elected mayor.

The implication, which politicians always want to avoid, is that he is just using his current post and biding his time until he can climb up to the next, more powerful office, and isn't really devoting his full attention to the present gig. Looooooove the Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin.

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