Monday, August 20, 2007

Hip Hop apparently not going to save Binghamton's Economy

Today I read an article about how there is a growing backlash against Hip Hop music, because it incites violence, is so misogynistic, and generally offends people.

This reminded me of something I forgot to blog about last year when it came out: the City of Binghamton actually held a "Hip Hop Summit" and pinned its hopes on building some sort of gangsta music empire here. GREAT. I guess they figured that all the scummy people moving up here from New York City needed to be put to some good use (now I'm really starting to sound like a local!)

Perhaps the best part, though, is the fact that guy who was supposed to partner with the City and have all the music connections? The one who showed up at every city council meeting to talk about getting kids away from drugs and crime? Yeah, him. Well, he was sent to Broome County Jail on weapons and other charges. I guess he's working on building his street cred so he can really succeed in da muzic biz. Sheesh. Too damn funny.

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