Sunday, March 09, 2008

Currywurst: Pride of Berlin

We are leaving for Paris and Berlin next week (don't miss me too much for the next 2 weeks- I guaranty some good blogging upon my return), so I've been researching (shocking!) stuff to do. In Berlin, I kept coming across something called "currywurst": hot pork sausage cut into slices and doused in a sauce made of ketchup and curry. Sounds tasty- and besides, who doesn't love a meal you can eat with a wooden stick?

Currywurst - one of the many German interpretations of sausage - that was invented(?) in Berlin in 1949. It is street food that has become something of a cult. It inspires everything from guerrilla street art/graffiti, to My too-good-to-be-true finding was the Deutsches Currywurst Museum- which, in fact, IS too good- the opening has been stalled for several years and it doesn't appear to be open yet. (Damn! There go your stocking stuffers, Margie!)

When I typed "currywurst" into "google images," I got over 25,000 results, which I find amazing since I'd never heard of the stuff before (had you?) Reviewing the image results gave me a keyhole into the vast World of Currywurst. It also may have revealed some of the reason for the evident fascination with the stuff: apparently it has magical powers to make your boobs grow, and maybe even other body parts. Some of the photos made it look reasonably appetizing, but something about this German delight just does NOT photograph well (am I being too generous?)

Pride of Berlin or not, the photos actually started to gross me out. I mean, really, this image looks downright painful, and this one, just, I don't know: YUK. And leave it to the Germans to think that they can improve the visual by throwing in some corn for color. Nice try, but you can't fool me- I've seen the truth!

Somehow I think I'll regain my appetite and start craving one of these about this time next week. I'd better get over it, anyway, since there was a restaurant I was supposed to check out, on the recommendation of a friend, but I got so distracted by THIS PHOTO of the owner/chef - that photo grosses me out even more!

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