Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So long, Fish Outta Water!

This will be my last blog entry, and it is, coincidentally, the 300th since I started this blog 3 1/2 years ago, in February 2006. The blog started as a way to A) relate my experiences living in upstate NY, mostly to my family and friends in Los Angeles/California, B) stay sane in the absence of having an actual life, with friends and family and sunshine and stuff, C) give me something to do while my husband worked on his PhD.

Since that first post, I've developed a bit of a following and it has been so much fun to see who the blog resonated with. I definitely never thought anyone in Binghamton would ever read it, and was surprised that people I saw every day read it, but never mentioned that fact to me- why so shy? It is so much fun to think of all the things I did, just so I'd be able to blog about them later.

I thought I'd end it with "Stuff I'll miss about living in Binghamton":

Chicken Parm
The 5 Minute Commute
Ethnic Festivals
New York City
Snow, since it "covers the ugly"
Turning leaves
Lawyers treating each other with civility
The fact that my "banker" came to my garage sale
Everyone reading the same local newspaper and knowing exactly what is in it, every day
The Binghamton Club
Our front porch
Knowing our neighbors

I'm sure there are lots more, but these come to mind. What would YOU miss?

I'm not finished blogging, of course. I started a new blog project today, which is of limited interest and to a different audience, but here you go. I will likely start up a new blog, the Los Angeles analog to this one, after The Yearbook Project peters out. I'll post a link when/if I do.



Dawn L. said...

Good luck, Anne! I'll miss the blog. I laughed so hard at some of your first posts (wet burrito was my favorite) because the same things happened to me when I moved here. Take care, Dawn

wheeedle said...

I really miss the seasons. Except February. But especially now, October -- probably my favorite month of the year.

Kate said...

I just visited your blog randomly, and it is so fun because I jsut started to do bloging, and you just stopped to do blogging. :)
Anywasy, happy new year!