Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The "Magic 8 Ball" Tells No Lies!!

When I began my legal career at a fancy downtown Los Angeles law firm back in 1999, I had a hard time switching from the fun and frivolity of college and grad school, over to the seriousness of the highrise workplace.

Although I wore the fancy suits and pearls, and tried to fake it and act like grown-up, I did keep one holdover item from my youth: the Magic 8 Ball. I won it at an event right after law school, and I thought that was good luck in itself. So it went right on my desk.

Where it has sat for most of my professional years, answering the personal and professional questions for which there seemed to be no discoverable answer. "Should I object to this line of questioning?" . . . "My reply is no." "Is my wedding going to go off without a hitch?" . . . "Yes - definitely." It has usually become a resource for others in the office, as well, and there are several secretaries in my office who consult its wisdom regularly.

So today, against all my better judgment, I asked the ol' 8 Ball the burning question of my life right now: "Am I going to pass the New York Bar Exam this February?" (you have to be careful in posing your questions, you see, because, without asking in particular, it could effectively answer in such a way that could mean I'd pass the July bar, having failed on the first try.)

The first reply was terrifying- "Reply hazy - try again."

Nail biter!! But my fears were assuaged with, "It is decidedly so."

So, there you have it! The Magic 8 Ball never lies. I feel so much better now.

P.S. Annie Fun Fact: I was a Magic 8 Ball for Halloween one year: it was fun because it was interactive, but boy did I get shaken a lot!

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