Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith and Bar Exam Studying

OK, I lied in my last post: I am not actually devoid of things to blog about, in fact I think I'll have a backlog that I can dig into post-bar, but I am trying to be self-disciplined and not get distracted by blogging. However, the combination of the incredibly-more-interesting-than-studying topic of Anna Nicole Smith (that issue has at least 15 blog entries brewing in my brain right now) finally crossed paths last night, and it was too much to bear so I'm going to write a short entry.

So I'm going over practice New York bar essays last night, and there is an issue where a guy dies with a will that does not mention his illegitimate daughter, and the daughter now claims her intestate share (see, I'm learning fancy words) of inheritance under state law. In the sample answer, I was horrified to read that I was supposed to know that the out-of-wedlock daughter could have helped her argument (for inheritance rights) if she had registered under the Putative Father Registry. WHAT THE . . . ? Is that some kind of joke?

At first, I was HORRIFIED that the bar is 2 weeks away and I've never heard of this "registry," but I almost immediately cracked up with the image of Anna Nicole Smith having her own personal putative father registry!! As of last night, she was up to FIVE possible "baby daddies" when her bodyguard (who is married to her private nurse, by the way) said that he may also be the father.

p. s. A google search of "Anna Nicole" and "putative father" returns 266 results right now. Awesome.

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