Wednesday, February 14, 2007

YES! It's finally REALLY snowing!

I know I said I wouldn't blog until the bar but I've received so many calls and emails about "the snow in upstate New York" that I have to respond. You see, Binghamton misses the "lake effect" snow that pummels places closer to the Great Lakes, like Rochester and Buffalo. Compared to those places, Binghamton has been a downright balmy 22 degrees lately, with no snow to speak of.

Last night, however, it started dumping and is still going strong. The entire downtown Binghamton (such that it is) is closed, and my office even closed at 1 pm today.
This photo is of John cleaning off our car this morning- ain't he sweet? Anyway, we think it looks gorgeous ("Snow covers the ugly. And we got a lot of 'ugly' around here." as one partner told me) - such a fun Valentine's Day treat!