Saturday, March 03, 2007

Syracuse: giving "upstate New York" a bad name

The week before the bar, I spent three looooooong days in Syracuse (about 60 miles north of Binghamton), taking a bar review course at Syracuse Law School. It was pretty cold in Binghamton when I left on Sunday (maybe 25 degrees? and not snowing or anything), but nothing like Syracuse. By the time I got to Syracuse, the snow was many feet high and was freaging COLD. I arrived at my gross $45 per night interstate-adjacent Red Roof Inn on Sunday evening and needed some toothpaste. The front desk told me that there was not any kind of convenience store anywhere nearby, but that I could use my key-card to get into the tiny vending machine room next door, where I'd find myself a tiny tube of $2 toothpaste. When I got there, however, it was apparent that I would have to have purchased 3 $2 condoms in order to get back to the little toothpaste tube hiding in the rear of the vending machine. GROSS. Who is buying THOSE? in a dump like THAT place? ew. enough already.

I got to my room, which was very basic and serviceable enough, with a decent work-desk. Most importantly- a strong deadbolt lock on the door, which was critical because it was a motel-type set-up with my door facing the sketchy parking lot. Walking into my room, I immediately noticed something sparkly on the floor, under the desk area- the metal cage top of a champagne bottle? Who is celebrating in a dump like this place? Probably the same guy (and his truck-stop hooker) who is buying the 9-year-old cracked condoms in the vending machine downstairs. again- Ew. GROSS.

It snowed non-stop throughout the night, and I thought for sure I was going to be snowed in, but when I woke up on Monday morning the parking lot had been plowed, just enough to let me go out into the NEGATIVE SEVEN DEGREES. Not joking- it was a new record for that date in history. Apparently Syracuse is substantially colder and gets much more snow than where we live. I tell ya, Binghamton seemed downright balmy compared to Syracuse. The photo above is of a 20-foot tall icicle that ran the full height of a two-story building- these were a common sight all over the place.

And the law school? Yuk. All concrete and depressed looking students sitting in the hallways. Apparently they don't even have proper study areas. No wonder they had an "ire department" in one of the stairwells!!!

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