Thursday, March 15, 2007

you heard it here first; orange is the new pink. er, i mean black

again, pardon the lack of capitalization and punctuation- i cannot figure out this euro keyboard and/or it may be busted in a way that prevents accessing a lot of the keys. that said, . . .

every time i travel to europe, something strikes me as funny and i cannot stop noticing it. in college when i went to germany, it was all the ladies with this horrible red wash in their hair, that we ended up calling 'freiberg red' after the bavarian city where my buddies and i noticed it. the only thing more apparent, and an observation which has been consistently true and even helpful for at least a decade, is that germans also have a predilection for this horrible lemon/lime color that shows up on everything from cars to houses to socks.

seriously, try it some time. if you see someone in the airport or something, wearing any article of clothing that is a god awful yellowish-green color not found in nature nor in any american store, do a little reconnaissance and see if they are speaking a gritty-sounding language; chances are, they are german.

in italy, i immediately noticed a certain fashion 'miss' that has repeated itself hundreds of times in the past week; men wearing orange pants. the shade of orange ranges from a bright 'men at work'-sign color ornage, to a dark persimmon color, and just barely, but not completely, almost all the way to red.

the weird thing is, i cannot figure any rhyme or reason to who is wearing this awful color. the only apparent parameters are that it is only found on men, and almost only in pants-form. but as far as which demographic is zeroing in on this trend, it's not clear. if i saw them a lot on teeneagers, it would make sense that it's a trendy thing, but no, not the case. we've seen them on all kinds of 'regular guiseppes'- from the middle aged guy on his vespa to the old man wearing the corduroy/fancy version with a blazer and smoking a pipe. i guess it's just so pervasive that it transcends all demographics. but man, is it bad. i'm hoping that this fashion statement remains within the confines of italia.

p.s. confession; europeans have a 'thing' for jeans in funky/bright colors, like this orange i'm speaking of, and like the gross green color in germany. i do have to admit, though, that, when i studied in england for a semester, i, too, came home owning an awful pair of red jeans. yuk.

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