Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Fat (Wo)Man's Salad

I know the photo is a bit dark, but you can still see the slices of pepperoni hiding under the Ranch dressing in this photo (can you spot all 3?).

Last week we went to dinner at our favorite place in Apalachin (pronounced "App-a-LAKE-in," just to be fussy), called Bud's Place. I would provide a link to the place, but it is so far off the Internet Superhighway that I'm only turning up yellow page ads when I google-search for it. Anyway, I thought this salad was great- it's the perfect Fat Man Salad: not only do you get tons of Ranch dressing poured over your wilted lettuce, but it also provides a convenient opportunity to inject some more pepperoni into your diet. Nasty looking, yes, but DARN TASTY, I have to admit!

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