Sunday, July 15, 2007

Motor Oil, you say? Oh no, my friend, that's MAN LUBE

I was at CVS the other day looking for on-sale man-stuff for John in the shampoo aisle. What did I find? THIS fine selection of motor oil, I mean, soapy body lube stuff that is apparently being marketed to men. "Full Throttle Body Wash" by Velocity. GEEZ-us. I was already laughing at the black, penis-shaped bottle of acne wash when I stumbled across this gem of a photo. Even without that semester of Marketing that I took in B-schoo, the marketing ploy is, ahem, quite obvious, but REALLY!

What is the conversation in the board room of the marketing/advertising firm that concocted this crap? "Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to launch a new line of body wash that men, who otherwise couldn't give a crap about body wash, will pull right off the shelves. You see, we are going to make it MANLY by putting it in MOTOR OIL-looking bottles, because men are attracted to black and silver bottles with penis-shaped spouts. . . . " I don't know, I'm not in the advertising biz, so I can't even fake the dialogue. All I know is that this junk was in the DEEP DISCOUNT aisle and I can see why. Wow.

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