Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eating My Way through Downtown L.A. . . .

If you are reading this blog, you are probably A) a blood relative and/or B) close enough to know that I'm pregnant (due in April, don't know the gender, thanks for asking). So it should not be surprising that I'm a bit food-obsessed lately. Not only because I'm hungry all the time, but also because, at this stage in the game, you can actually influence their palate.

I would prefer that my children have a broad world view, and this includes being open-minded about food. Unfortunately, Binghamton is not exactly the place to indulge the taste for global cuisine, so I was on a mission during my trip home to LA for Christmas. But I took it beyond having dim sum for breakfast at 7:30 am in Chinatown and doner kebabs in the Jewelry District for late lunch.

Above is a photo of sausages we tried at a brand-spanking-new sausage/fries/beer joint called Wurstkuche, in the Arts District (of course). To call it a "restaurant" is not really fair, because it is more of a teleportation device, transporting the customer to modern-day Berlin or something. Very euro and very cool.

But, in my current condition, I couldn't just order off the "Classics" or even the "Gourmet" section of the menu. No, I had to go for the "Exotics." And that descriptor is not an overstatement. During my trip home, I sampled the Alligator & Pork sausage (a tiny bit fishy) and the Duck & Bacon (it's so right, it can't be wrong). But the best one, and the thing that gave me happy dreams that night, was actually the Rattlesnake & Rabbit with Jalapeno Peppers sausage. There is something about rattlesnakes and rabbits that just goes together- possibly because they inhabit the same ecosystem. Anyway, strongly recommend that one, and the place in general. I went three times in four days!

Below is a photo of the famous Bacon Donut that I'd previously written about, but finally got to taste. The best part is that it's covered in maple syrup. So decadent. Not my speed, but I'm still glad it exists. Now that I'm thinking about it, I may regret my gustatory exploits at this stage of the pregnancy. The twins may emerge with a hankering for boneless chicken feet!

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