Sunday, March 26, 2006

"Authentic Mexican Food" found!! well, maybe not

Today is a lazy Sunday. John and I went out for breakfast and then to the super-sketchy Giant grocery store on Main Street. I was in the market for some light ice cream, and almost had to settle for fat free frozen cool whip (a pathetic alternative), until I chanced upon something truly fantastic.

Like the unicorn of lore, I found "authentic Mexican food" right there in the frozen desert bin. It was "Perry's Light Ice Cream" and the flavor was - are you ready?- MEXICAN SUNDAE. Now, I'm from Los Angeles, and I've never heard of this taste delight: basic vanilla ice cream with a cheap chocolate swirl. It definitely did NOT have my "taste buds dancing," as the ad promises. But at least I have solved the riddle: Apparently, it is "Mexican" because it has oily "Spanish" peanuts in it.

Someone should tell Perry that Spain is nowhere near Mexico, and that NO ONE in Mexico eats this.

p.s. I like saying "Mexican sundae" so much that I really wanted to make up a definition for Urban Dictionary, but all the things I thought up were too racey or generally offensive for this PG-rated site. :-(

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