Sunday, March 19, 2006

We're "home"!!

Present temp: 26 F (although tells me that it "feels like 13"- thanks for the clarification)
Precipitation: YES, although it appears to have just stopped, having left a nice white dusting all over this Sunday morning.

After 10 days of being on the road, we are back "home in Binghamton" (did I just write that??) Our trip to London was great, although it was extraordinarily cold, even by London standards. I think our average daily temp was about 3 C, which sure sounds a lot colder than the "high 30s" that it translates into in Farenheit. We were lucky in that we only had "real" rain on 1 day, but darn that windchill kicked up on a few other days.

Although I could have posted from abroad, the not-so-cheap cost of living in London would have meant spending $$$$ in internet connection fees to do it, and that's not what this cheezy blog is about, right?

OK, we'll see how far I get today, having a lot of topics backed up in my little head and not sure which ones will come out right away. Now that I'm back "home," I'm getting better perspective on some of the funnier/cooler things we saw and experienced on the trip. Read on . . .

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