Thursday, March 02, 2006

Welcome to 1997

OK, after overcoming much adversity, we are all hooked up with that new-fangled "infonet" at the house, so I'm an unstoppable blogging machine from now on. No more will I have to drive to the local cyber cafe in my pajamas, heat blaring, and pinch their wi-fi signal from the parking lot in the wee hours of the morning to get on that information superhighway . . . yee ha!


Kay DeKay said...

Hey girl... Thanks for the blog link. I love checkin in with you to see how its going in NY. You will soon get used to the weather. As a former Cali dweller, I don't find a 35 degree morning all that cold anymore! And an ocean with no waves... that's just how it is! DC has a very large former mental institution and although I'm not very familiar with its history, what I know is that it is quite colorful. I think that Hinckley lives there. Beautiful crazy scary building. Much love to you, my fellow fish outta water. -Kristal

CDLeland said...

you were blogging from a parking lot?!

Æsop said...

Welcome to the '90s. You'll like it here.

- E