Thursday, April 20, 2006


Today I painted our bedroom a lovely shade of light yellow, to harmonize and yet minimize our incredibly awful rice-a-roni yellow shag carpet (we've tried, but we're stuck with it.) The color I painted our walls is a shade of light yellow that Glidden calls "Newborn."

I am alternately horrified and engrossed by this name. Is it bad karma to paint your newlywed bedroom "Newborn"? or is it a good omen? Not clear. At any rate, it's on the walls now, and it looks good.

The thing that strikes me, though, is how a paint color came to be called "newborn," but, more relevant, the fact that it is yellow. Does this mean that the standard "newborn" is yellow? Because that might mean that we are all Asian. Or White. What if the color were brown-ish, would that be scandalous? Would someone protest? Would the result be a shade called "Chocolate Baby"? Would that be scandalous?

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