Monday, April 03, 2006

Team Super Model

There is a guy who I always see playing racquetball at the gym here. He is probably in his late-30s, Asian, not at all tall, and with a sort of doughey/out-of-shape body. He always wears a yellow and purple Lakers team tank top that says "Bryant" across the back. Now, let me tell you, this guy is about as close to being Kobe Bryant as I am to being Rebecca Romijn. Can you imagine if regular, everyday women went to the gym wearing Team Super Model gear, like g-strings and bikini tops, that said "Cindy Crawford" and "Heidi Klum" and "Kate Moss" on them?

post script: At the gym tonight, the same guy was wearing a white and green Celtics team tank and now he is apparently channeling the athletic prowess of Paul Pierce!

post post script: The next day, the guy was wearing his best Shaq shirt. The fun never ends!

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