Monday, June 11, 2007

My New Boyfriend, the Grand PooBah!

I was at the Binghamton Club a little while back and chanced upon a Shriner's party. What really struck me, besides the fact that the average age was approximately 82 years, was the SWEET hats they had on. These are like the ancestral beginnings of all things bedazzled. AWESOME. (Please note the hat that reads "Arab Patrol"- I don't even want to know what this refers to, but it's got its own freaking website, and it's definitely not politically correct today.)

But where do they get these things, I wondered? Surely their wives could not have bedazzled these babies "back in the day," before such modern technology was available?

Once again, "google" comes to my rescue, and immediately informs me that yes, in fact there is a "supply" out there for every "demand," no matter how bizarre. Were you aware that there is a 62 year-old company that provides all sorts of specialized garb, called Los Angeles Fraternal Supply Company, Inc.? And I wasn't even looking for an L.A. connection, but this place is located at 37th and Main, just a few blocks east of USC! I've probably driven by it dozens of times on my short cut to work, and never knew the gem-encrusted fraternal fabulosity that was hidden behind its nondescript walls. Can't wait to "Visit Our Showroom!!!" as the website invites me, personally, to do.

WOW. That website is chock-full of cool stuff. I suggest you take a tour- there are all sorts of rites and orders and things, and check out the making of a custom apron- that's cool! Almost makes me want to join so I can wear the bling-bling hats and ride around in tiny cars!

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