Monday, June 11, 2007

A One Woman Crusade . . .

. . . . to bring telephone area codes to the Southern Tier!! For some reason, businesses around here find it unnecessary to put area codes on their business contact information. It's like they are completely giving up on the prospect of anyone from, say, Syracuse (a whopping 60 miles away, but a different area code) calling to do business!!

This trash dumpster/advertisement is a good example. You don't think any of their dumpsters have any chance of being used 10 miles to the south, over the state line in Pennsylvania, where the area code is different? Apparently, neither does Greenblott, because they didn't spend the few extra bucks (and all that spare space is available!) to provide the "607" area code. It continually amazes me that people can live with such blinders on that they cannot even comprehend that someone from a few miles away might actually want their full contact information. I think it speaks to the larger issue, that people really just have tunnel vision, and don't even travel outside the immediate area.

But never fear, I'm here! I'm constantly reminding people to put their full contact information on everything. Oh, and to use their last names, too! (I'm not kidding!)

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