Saturday, June 02, 2007

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Today I stopped by our local Citizens Bank, a perfectly reputable regional bank, and was greeted by this little gem sitting on the counter top. First, let's note the fine Southern Tier Graphic Design, complete with extremely sloppy highlighting and pathetic attempts to add interest with that sad asterisk and squiggly underlining.

But now let's move to the meat of the thing. Let me get this straight: I'm supposed to drop my business card in this little shoebox and I "win" . . . a free lunch with Linda the Branch Manager and Jenn the business banking officer??? This sounds more like one of the layers of Hell. You don't just win "a free lunch at XYZ reputable restaurant" to enjoy with the lunch date of your own choosing. Nope. You've gotta sit with these two ladies, who I'm sure are perfectly nice, but why would I want to hang out with them? So they can try to sell me banking products???

The best part, however, might be the mystery lunch location. I can only imagine them taking the "winner" to one of the hugely dumpy diners for lunch, which would get you change back from a $20 for all three of you. No thanks!

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Catherine said...

Oh, I definitely put my business card in one of those - free lunch for 15. Of course, I "won" - everyone wins. After making the logistics so hard on the poor guy (he initially wanted to come into the office with catered food, which was a no go), he just stopped calling. He ditched me! So generous.