Monday, May 28, 2007

Get ready for Peregrine Falcon season!

It's that time of year again! Get ready for falcon season.

This photo is one that appeared in the New York Times last week, taken from a wildlife "falcon cam" somewhere in New York (I think it was in Albany). Our local Binghamton nest, which is one of only about 50 breeding pairs in all of New York state, doesn't have its own camera (yet, due to inaccessability) but, as you may remember, it's located behind an architectural element on the 9th floor of my law firm's beautiful 1904 office building, so I get to witness firsthand the remnants of their voracious appetites (their "crumbs" = pigeon parts).

Since I can't directly observe what's going on in my very own falcon nest, I live vicariously through the falcon cam that chronicles Rochester pair nesting high in the architectural details of the Kodak headquarters. This website is my "home page" at work, and I gotta say, it is COOL. It is amazing to watch these four little beasts go from freshly-laid eggs to a heap of little cotton balls to something that is finally starting to resemble the insanely efficient raptors they are going to grow up to be in just a month or two.

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