Monday, May 28, 2007

Spring "flowers" in our neighborhood

Our neighborhood is full of very quaint, early 20th century houses that, if they were located in Los Angeles, would be filled with artists and other creative types. Here, however, the houses are sometimes rundown, have often been stripped of historically interesting architectural details, and are occupied primarily by regular old boring families.

However, we have one neighbor who is the odd duck in the lot, which I should have guessed when I bought his vintage porn collection at last summer's garage sale. Each spring, this gentleman's yard boasts a new crop of "spring flowers." You can see from the photos, however, that these aren't real flowers, but vintage kitchen utensils, painted in fancy colors. There are scores of them, as you can see. The best part, I think, is the fact that, last year, they were painted pink, blue and white. This year, he repainted his posies and opted for orange, red and white, which I think is fabulous and about 100 times more whimsical than anything around.

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