Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rome meets Cabo, or NOT!

Our Italy trip was really fabulous, in part because it was relatively tourist-free in March. We did not feel we were being bombarded by salespeople, or targeted as being tourists. Which is why this restaurant/bar placard, in a very touristy section of Rome, really struck me. Where was I, Cabo? This was so out-of-place, it transported me to cheezy, tropical climes . . .

Just take a good read of this ad showing the place's "drink specials." Is it really a "CRAZY NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT, ALL NIGHT LONG"? Because if it is, boy, I wanna party with YOU guys. Where else can I get some "Tequila Bum Bum" for only 2 euros (no, I have no clue what "Tequila Bum Bum" is), or "Every Kind of Shoy"? Thank God they are open until 4:00 a.m. because I can't get me enough of that "bum bum."

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