Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Southern Tier Signage

I have posted before about my favorite local phenomenon- what John and I call Southern Tier Graphic Design- but it just never ceases to amaze me how pervasive it is.

The first sign above is in the ladies room of our favorite local dump neighborhood restaurant. First, do people really not know that you can't smoke in the bathroom of a restaurant? Smoking in bars has been illegal in New York for at least 10 years. And if it's really a problem, don't you think New York State probably makes some handy dandy little stickers, probably available nice and free, that you could post if necessary? (3 seconds worth of searching on Google led me to printable signs offered by the New York State Department of Health.) Why bother being so fancy and formal when you can handwrite a sign and let it get all nasty and wet in the bathroom!

And the second one is outside a little bodega-type convenience store- I don't even think they sell any booze- that I pass on my to work when I walk there. Now, call me a rebel, but when I was a kid, if someone put this sign outside, I would loiter right in front of it, just because I was pissed off that they were trying to tell me I couldn't talk to my friends outside. I guess I can't complain too much- at least these signs don't contain any misspellings and aren't as filthy dirty as some of the others I've seen.

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