Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jetson's Mail Delivery Robot

I have been meaning to blog about this bad boy for ages- this is the self-propelled and unmanned contraption that delivers mail around one of the businesses in my building. I've been in a lot of offices, but I've never seen such a crazy Jetsons-flashback as this puppy. I half expect it to start talking to me in a robot voice, like their maid Rosie, everytime it mysteriously senses my presence and pauses for me to walk by.

So I finally googled the name on the thing- Mailmobile- expecting not to find anything online because, clearly, this thing is circa-1972. I was shocked- SHOCKED, I tell you!- to find that, not only is Mailmobile still in business, but this might even be the current model!

Wow, sure fooled me. That font even! It looks straight out of a '70s Atari ad. The whole thing is like Tomorrowland at Disneyland- which is to say that it is more like a bad 1950s vision of what "tomorrow" looks like. I guess it is kind of amazing- the Mailmobile even gets on elevators and stuff by itself, which sort of creeps me out.

But nope, no Mailmobile for my office. We deliver mail internally the old fashioned way- with something like 3 guys who walk around the offices and manually do it. No new-fangled robot contraptions putting our staff out of work!

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