Thursday, May 15, 2008


OK, I admit that I've been holding back on blogging about this photo because - prior hilarious posts aside- I am starting to feel guilty about making fun of hunters, because it seems that some of my (new) best friends come from strong hunter stock (who knew?)

Last month (yes, that would be APRIL, even though you still see lots of snow on the ground), we took a drive about 60 miles north to the neighboring Chenango County. With only 50,000 people, Chenango County is only 1/4 the size of our own county, which we think is really rural. But Broome County ain't nothin' compared to Chenango- MAN, we felt like city slickers! We saw dozens of deer, a huge flock(?) of wild turkeys (yes, WILD), and this gem of a picture. Please note that that is not a painted mural of a hunter aiming at birds in flight on the wall of that shed (or is it a house? I can't remember). Those are WOOD CUTOUTS. Gotta do sumpin' with that scroll saw, right?

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DC said...

OK, I actually had to start an account just to comment on this.

Hunting is sooooo Cro-Magnon. Do you not have freakin' grocery stores in NY?!? Your "new friends" apparently come from caveman stock. I'll call them "mags" for short. :)