Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NYC signage

I must be attracted to WORDS, because man, do I notice signs when I travel. Forget the Southern Tier Signage that we know and love, I could spend all day walking around NYC just looking at the crazy signs everywhere. NYC is such a gateway for new immigrants, it really leads to some great typos and funny names. We recently saw a huge, permanent sign for the "Chinatwon Benevolent Lodge." BUMMER for Chinatwon. Then there are the ones that are just downright funny, like this one.

I'll have to keep a better eye out for this phenomenon. These are just a couple that caught my eye recently:

My New Skid Row Name: "Hot & Crusty"

Since 2005, I have been widely known as "Lil' Thick & Juicy" ("Lil'" because "Thick & Juicy" was already taken. By the prostitute that worked 3 porta-potties on Skid Row- 1 for her wardrobe, 1 for her "house" and 1 for her, ahem, "office," if you will.) But I've always felt overshadowed by her, so I think it's time I strike out on my own and get a new DBA.

I have been christened: HOT & CRUSTY!

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DC said...

LOVE it!! The funniest part about this post is that the vast majority of people will believe you actually made up the story about the prostitute. I, on the other hand, am well aware that you cannot make this sh*t up!