Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fish-outta-water's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (2006/2007)

I'm a couple of months overdue, but I did want to acknowledge and celebrate this blog's 1-year anniversary with my very own "Top 10" list of blog entries. It's a demanding job, translating this strange upstate New York culture to my friends and family in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Hopefully these will give you the flavor of how I'm adjusting here.

Without further adieu, as judged solely by me, here goes, please enjoy:

NUMBER 10: My Halloween Costume
NUMBER 8: Peregrine Party Platter
NUMBER 7: "Authentic" Mexican
NUMBER 6: Law Office "Art"
NUMBER 5: Tijuana Smoked Turkey Wrap
NUMBER 4: Pssssst! America! There is a whole STATE of New York!
NUMBER 3: Putting the Porn Back in Garage Sales
NUMBER 2: What's Going on at THIS church?

And, my most favoritest entry of all . . . . Jewish Cats and Eastern Orthodox Dogs? !!!!

And, with so much to choose from, I added some Bonus Tracks, from various excursions abroad:
British Dining

Ever Wonder Where the Pope Gets His Undies?

Los Angeles
"But Officer, I Reeeeeeally Had to PEE!"


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