Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Meat Loaf in the HOUSE!

I may have said before that where I live, Binghamton, New York, does not exactly get "first tier" entertainment passing through town. Compare this to Los Angeles, where the Madonnas and Black Eyed Peas of the world could not hit enough times on their world tours. But, when living in LA, did I ever get to any of these outrageously expensive shows, with the nose-bleed seats and the huge parking nightmares? Nope, not me.

But when offered 2 box seat tickets to the Meat Loaf concert recently, I could not refuse! The guy is 60 years old and totally still rocks out. Still, since John was in his "roll offs" for bowling that night (SERIOUS stuff around here), I had about an hour to find someone to go with me, or risk looking like a friendless jerk to my boss. Lucky for me, Meat Loaf has far more appeal than I was aware of, and I got a date on my 2nd phone call.

My friend Jon owns several computer businesses and keeps a graphic designer on staff, apparently so he can have someone ready to churn out a sweet, 1-of-a-kind t-shirt (and matching g-string!) for me on a moment's notice. The back (of the tshirt, that is!) says ". . . especially with gravy." I have no idea what that means or refers to, but I loved it. The shirt was a huge hit when I put it on at the concert, and people kept walking up to the ($40!!) tshirt vendors asking for "the green one" - which they obviously didn't sell. Who's cooler than me??

I wore the tshirt to work under my suit coat the next day (only for a few minutes, of course, just to scare my colleagues). My secretary suggested that I should "bedazzle" it, but I think it kicks-ass as-is!

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