Sunday, February 03, 2008

You really can find ANYTHING for sale in NYC

This tie shop was so bad, it really deserves more coverage than just the prior blog. The store was on Sixth Avenue near 31st Street, in NYC, amidst lots of wholesale stores selling cheap costume jewelry. I guess you could call it "the Chinese imports district." It is called "Newtop Import & Wholesale." The business card informs me that it is managed by someone named "Mr. G" and that "Jackson" is in charge of "Store Sales." Thanks a bunch, now I'm perfectly clear.

You can see from this photo that are a BOATLOAD of ties in this place. How can they have SO MANY STYLES, you ask? Here's how: by digging DEEP and stretching FAR. Some examples:

I think this one won my vote for Most Bizarre. And that is really saying something, given the competition. It appears to depict an alien Santa Claus, handing out gifts to all the little boys and girls. That is, if they don't flee in fear. That is one DAMN DISTURBING looking alien. Not a tie you want to wear to the office Christmas party.

This one, however, is a strong runner-up. It depicts a muffin (looks dry and tasteless, no less!), a hamburger, and a piece of pizza. The one next to it is a bunch of hot dogs with mustard. That one, I get. I can see some schmoe wearing it to a tailgate party or meat industry convention. But the muffin/burger/pizza combo defies comprehension. John asked, "What is the theme of that one- "Stuff I'm not supposed to eat?" Not a top-seller, to be sure.

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